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Jason Truesdell

Resident of Kawasaki, Japan. I’ve been here since 2017.

I’m from Seattle, WA, USA. Much of my childhood and all of my post-university adult life prior to moving to Japan was in or near Seattle. I’ve also lived in Knoxville, TN, Exton, PA and attended university in Greencastle, IN, and Marburg, Germany.

I like cooking. And eating. I’m vegetarian. But I’m in Japan, so I have a sense of humor about it.

My work involves hacking Elixir and occasional C++ and Python at IndustrialML, where I serve as Principal Software Architect. On paper, I’m the managing director of the Japan subsidiary, IndustrialML GK. This means almost nothing except when it comes to filing various bits of paperwork, because we’re still very small. If you have a factory and it needs, to be buzzwordy, Digital Transformation, give us a call.

We would like consulting clients. If your company has a problem and you need software to solve it, get in touch with me. We know how to build telemetry, alerting, reporting, IoT devices, image processing, and machine learning solutions. Our team has people with web, mobile, backend, and infra skills in Elixir, Ruby, C#, Dart/Flutter and beyond. Build With IML

In previous lives, I’ve worked for Microsoft, Zillow, The Seattle Times, Getty Images, and Comcast Technology Solutions. I’ve consulted on projects at Dendreon, Windermere, ReallyEnglish, Circlace and others.

I’m sort of an old-school web geek, but all my serious efforts have been for commercial projects, often backend-focused, and all my personal stuff looks like crap, like my ancient and rusting blog and my made-from-a-hospital-bed decision-making crowdfunding experiment Ochokochoi.com.

Headshot of Jason in red geometric-patterned shirt with temple greenery in background
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